Premium Layflat Album

Premium Layflat Album

The Best Layflat Album for Your Premium Memories

The new Premium layflat album is the latest in our layflat album range. This premium album has now become the most popular among our clientele. We strongly believe that the new premium layflat album will present and preserve your life’s most meaningful and treasured memories from Big events such as weddings and all family milestones. This album is the one to take care of all your needs.

We have worked hard to ensure that while printing your photo books, we also help save the environment. All our premium layflat albums are handcrafted and made from recycled material from our centurion factory in South Africa. Our albums are made to ensure that your memories are preserved from this day to the following decades. This page will be an informative guide to help you decide which album is good for you.

Premium Layflat Album Options

Premium Layflat Acrylic Album

The Layflat Acrylic Albums are the most popular of our albums. These four albums are available in four sizes and produce a stunning effect when printed with your amazing photos.

DSC 5970
DSC 5973

Premium Layflat Genuine Leather Album

This genuine leather album is perfect for anyone looking for a classic, high-quality way to store and display their photos. The layflat design means you can see all your photos in one place without having to flip through pages, and the premium materials ensure that your album will last for years.

DSC 5722
Genuine Leather Album

Premium Layflat Wood Album

Our Premium Layflat Wood Album is handmade with love and care. Featuring a sturdy wooden cover and pages that lay flat when open, this album is perfect for those who want to cherish their photos for years to come.

Layflat Landscape Wood Combo Album
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Premium Layflat Hardcover Album

This album is the perfect way to preserve your memories. The high-quality, layflat pages provide a beautiful way to display your photos. You’ll love the hardcover binding and the way it lies flat when open, making it easy to flip through and enjoy your memories again and again.

DSC 5524
DSC 5525

Premium Layflat Velvet Album

This is the perfect way to display your most cherished memories. The Premium Layflat Velvet Album features thick pages that lay flat when open, ensuring that your photos are always front and center. The luxurious velvet cover is soft to the touch and comes in various colors to suit your style.

Premium Layflat Album Cover Options.





The Interior of our Premium Layflat Albums

Our end sheets come in two exquisite colors, which are black and white. Handcrafted from our head office in Centurion, the end sheets are made with diligence and passion for protecting your beautiful premium layflat album from excessive heat and moisture.

Wedding Photo Album
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Premium Paper

Our premium layflat albums boast the most durable, ultra-thick, and luxurious matte and gloss paper options. Our printing papers are produced by the giant empire Fujifilm South Africa. The paper quality matches and exceeds the standards offered by any other Photo book printing company in Gauteng.

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Premium Layflat Album Printing

On Our Layflat Album and across all products, we use the press printing method, which produces the warm and pleasant aesthetic our customers know and love. Press printing renders your photos through a series of tiny dots, rather than the environmentally harmful traditional photo print method using silver halide, while also allowing us to fine-tune our unique color profile on press.

On all our products, we use Press printing as it lets us print enjoyable and long-lasting premium albums while preserving every vital detail. The printing process uses environmentally friendly photo printing paper than traditional print labs while allowing us to sustain our unique color profile in-house.

Choose between matte and Glossy paper finishes for a softer and more luxurious look on all your albums. Each of these paper options absorbs ink differently, giving you a unique everlasting finish while protecting your memories for the longest time.


When it comes to printing needs, you are looking for a gift for a loved one, a premium layflat album for your coffee table, or even a fridge magnet. Pro- Albums is your one-stop shop for printing. We offer you various printing options from the comfort of your home. We offer inhouse design and convenient services such as pay now and print later options helping you take advantage of current specials with the luxury of printing later.