5 Wedding Guest Book Designs: Beyond The Traditional Signatures

wedding guest book designs

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It’s your wedding day, and you’ve spent months planning every detail to make sure it’s the perfect celebration of your love. The flowers are arranged, the cake is stacked, and your dress is flawless. But what about the guest book printing things? Have you explored the wedding guest book designs?

Don’t let it be an afterthought! Let’s face it, the traditional guest book can be a bit…well, boring. And who wants to flip through pages of just signatures? Not you! So, let’s jazz things up a bit, shall we?

We’ve rounded up 5 unique wedding guest book designs that will have your guests talking long after the reception is over. Trust us, these ideas are so fun, you’ll want to get married all over again just to use them. Okay, maybe not, but you get the point. Let’s dive in!

What is a Wedding Guest Book?

A wedding guestbook is a lovely way to preserve the lovely moments of the lovely day. In past, traditional wedding books contained the good wishes and signatures of the guests but now couples have a wide range of creative and unique wedding guest book designs according to the taste of their personalities.

wedding guest book designs

5 Wedding Guest Book Designs

Here I am going to reveal five unconventional wedding guest books that go beyond the traditional signature wedding guest book designs.

  1. Thumbprint tree: A charming way to incorporate the natural world into your wedding is a thumbprint tree. A large canvas or poster card has a tree outline and all the guests’ thumbprints appear as the leaves of the trees. Colors can be added if you are colors lovers and then the final tree can be preserved by framing it to save it as a beautiful reminder of your wedding day.
  2. Date Jar: A date jar is not only a creative but attractive way of presenting your wedding guest book design. Guests are provided with small cards or pieces of paper to write down their unique date ideas or well wishes from them for the couple. The date jar is not only unique but also practical giving a large range of ideas to make future dates interesting.
  3. Polaroid Photo Book: Photography lovers will love to have a polaroid photo in your wedding guest book that involves polaroid cameras and film. The guests can click their photo with the couple and attach that to the wedding guest book with their good wishes or unique message.
  4. Jigsaw Puzzle: To involve the guests in your celebrations. The couple can create a jigsaw puzzle of the couple’s photo or the wedding venue. The guest can sign on every single piece and later the couple can arrange them and save it by framing them as a fun keepsake.
  5. Board Games: The games lover will definitely love this idea to reflect their personality. This gaming idea involves creating a custom board game as their wedding guest book designs which the guests can play during the event. The space in the game is offered to the guests to sign or write a message. The couple can keep that board game as a fun reminder of their great wedding day.

Whether is a thumbprint tree or a board game, Pro Albums is always ready to provide you, with favorite and customized wedding guest book designs.

Wedding Guest Book Designs by Pro Albums

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