Photo Albums

Photo Albums

Photo Albums vs Photo books: What is the difference?

Memories are meant to be treasured. In life, we make memories every day and treasure our beautiful memories; we need to store them, print them and ensure that they last for generations to come. You can do this by printing Photo Albums or Photo books. The question here is, what is the difference between the two, and which one should I print. Photo books or Photo Albums? In this article, we will unbox the difference between the two, and we will also help decide what your best option might be. 

What are Photo albums?

Photo albums are the most luxurious way to keep your memories alive. Their thick lay-flat pages offer the quality of a professional photographer’s Album with long-lasting, high-quality results. The pages are hand mounted on black or whiteboards and lay perfectly flat to create a seamless two-page spread with no gutter loss. 


Photos Book

Photo Albums

Photo Albums

This allows the photos to run elegantly across two pages, perfect for panorama or landscape photography. Photo albums are perfect for special occasions such as weddings or milestone celebrations. They are a very beautiful way to commemorate your most cherished memories.

Photo albums are a classier and an upgraded version of Photo books. This allows for more images to be shown on each page and creates an uninterrupted flow of photos.

Layflat albums are designed to show off your photos in a way that is pleasing to the eye and preserves their quality.

One of the most notable benefits is the ability to showcase larger images in the book. The pages of lay-flat albums also allow for a greater variety of layouts and provide more space to include text and captions on each page. Albums are also made from durable paper quality that can not be easily ruined. You could easily wipe away fingerprints, water and coffee spilt from an Album. 

What are Photo books, and what are the main advantages of photo books?

Photo books are a complete story in a single book. They are a great way to tell your story and share it with the world. Photo books can be used for many purposes, such as capturing memories, telling the story of a family or an event, documenting your travels or showcasing your work.

Photo books are perfect for families because they allow you to create a beautifully printed memory book of your favourite photos from the past year. They are also great for couples who want to look back on their wedding day without scrolling through hundreds of photos on their phone. Photo books make terrific gifts too!

Photo books are also great for photographers because they allow them to showcase their work in one place instead of having it scattered across social media platforms and photo-sharing sites like Instagram and Facebook. It’s a great opportunity to create something beautiful and share it with the world.

Photo books or Photo Albums.

Well, This is no longer a tough question. We now understand the Pros and Cons between Photo books and Photo Albums. Now we will dive deeper into choosing between a Photobook and an Album.

Who said you have to choose if you can have both.

No rule says you can’t have two; This is why- As a Professional Photographer, you will want to offer your Clients a Premium Layflat Album and maybe a Photo book for their parents. Easy Right. So If you love Class and accommodating everyone you love, this is the way to go, and you will never have to choose between Photo books and Photo Albums.

Let’s assume you have a limited budget and love Class and quality. In that case, we may recommend that you go with the Album for the following reasons.

This is why you should choose Albums over Photo Books.

  •  Photo albums are durable and of good quality and tend to outlast Photo books.
  • The price margin between photo albums and photo books is not wide, so you might buy a few bucks and get the best value.
  • If you are a professional photographer, A Photo album has a better presentation than a photobook.

There are endless reasons, but the choice is yours. We understand that individual preferences vary on certain factors. Sometimes it is the budget, and in most cases, it is not. 

So, whatever your reasons are, we hope this blog article will help you decide if you want to order a photo book, photo album or both.

Now that you have an idea of what you want, we will help you design the best Photobook or the most beautiful Album of your choice.

Are you looking to design your own Photo books or an Album?

Let Pro albums help you create your first photo book or Premium album in one click. 

Our software offers a variety of features that make it simple to create stunning albums. You can choose from a wide selection of templates, backgrounds, and layouts to design your Album exactly how you want. Adding photos is easy, too – drag and drop your images into the software. They’ll be automatically resized and positioned to fit perfectly in your Album.

Pro albums! as the name says it all. We pride ourselves on free, user-friendly software, which allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful photo albums and Books that will last a lifetime. 

Let’s assume you are very busy with a not-so-friendly schedule; designing an album shouldn’t be one of your problems to worry about. Pro-Albums have you covered. Pro-albums now offers an in-house design service so you can focus on your busy schedule. At the same time, we take care of preserving your memories.

Pro albums will stand behind you all the way. Pro Albums is South Africa’s perfect and most trusted print studio to preserve your memories and share them with friends and family.


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